About Us

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Since its founding in 2006, Stain Tech has built a reputation in the Kalamazoo/Portage area as a company with friendly and knowledgeable employees, and work that stands up to the test of time. Its founder Brady Soule cares about this company’s reputation very much, going out of his way to get things right the first time. So confident is he in his company’s work, that we offer a 3-year warranty on the work that we perform, much longer than competitors who either offer a 2-year warranty, or no warranty at all. Use our services for your needs and you will see why we’re the most reputable painting company in our area today.

Why you should choose us…

  • Warranty on parts and labor longer than any competitor in our area.
  • Superior materials chosen specifically for their durability.
  • Friendly and respectable painters who actually enjoy their work.
  • All work is done by us, not handed off to a subcontractor.
  • We were all born and raised in our area, and we care about our people.

Why you should consider us for…

Exterior Staining & Painting

The secret to a long-lasting home home stain or paint is the prep work. Firstly, to ensure a thoroughly clean surface to coat your home, all pressure washing is done by Brady Soule the company founder, or by the general manager. Both have pressured washed literally hundreds of homes in our area, of all ages and sizes. Secondly, unlike our competitors we use a genuine polyurethane sealant to close all of the gaps and cracks in your home before we begin coating, not silicone or latex which will not last nearly as long as polyurethane. It takes much longer to apply and dry, but we care more about our work standing the test of time than finishing faster.

Deck Staining & Restoration

A completely thorough pressure washing by someone with years of experience is the only way to ensure that your deck is truly clean before staining, and that the surface of the wood is not destroyed by the power of the pressure washer itself. This is the number one reason why deck stain fails within the first year of being applied, and this is why all pressure washing is either performed by the company founder or by the general manager.

The best semi-transparent stain available on the market today is called Sikkens. This product is by far the most durable stain available today and we’re one of the only contractors in the area who know how to apply it evenly, so you get a finish you’ll be proud to show your friends.

Siding Installation & Replacement

As one of the only staining & painting companies in the Portage area who also replaces rotten or damaged siding in house, we’re able to inject our level of quality into this part of your project as well. What makes us the ones to choose for siding replacement? For starters, when we replace any piece of wooden siding, we stain all sides of the board, so water cannot get in and cause it to rot once again. When replacing siding we also seal up the edges and add flashing where necessary to keep water from entering your home once again.