We’ve been hired to repair a lot of damaged siding over the years, where a family of where a critter of one kind or another had chewed a hole, (usually many holes) in the siding. We’ve seen birds living in the overhangs, and owls living in the attic. Each one created their own doorway into the house, and each one refuses to pay their landlords rent. Yet they are costing you a ton on your heating bills. Especially as time goes by and they turn their hovel into mini mansion in your walls and attic. The amount of heat you will lose in one winter because of these animals is equivalent to the cost of leaving a small window open all season long. Your kids and/or your spouse might find it adorable that you’re harboring cute fuzzy things that make adorable noises, but you should be looking at them like they’re making a hole in your bank account, because they are. If you want to help Mother Nature, then do what I did and put up a bunch of bird houses, bird baths, shelters, and corn for the critters.