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Review: OSI Quad Window Door and Siding Sealant

Sealants are an important component of providing people with a long-lasting finish on their homes. We have used Quad sealant on many customer homes over the years because of its superior strength and flexibility. Cedar [...]

If you’re thinking about buying a wood-sided home, buy one with large overhangs!

Sunlight and rain decompose wood more quickly, even if that wood has been treated with paint or stain. Over the years I have worked on many homes with small overhangs (under 12in wide), and I [...]

Thinking About Building A Cedar Deck? Read This First

Take it from someone who has built, stained, and repaired more cedar decks over the past ten years than I can remember. If the area you want to build your new deck on gets more [...]

Are woodpeckers eating holes in your home? Read this…

If you own a house with cedar siding, I’ll bet you’ve got at least 3 holes from woodpeckers looking for grubs. Before you go out to your local hardware store and buy the latest ultrasonic [...]

Shoveling snow off of your deck will not improve the deck stain’s life expectancy

Should you shovel the snow off of your deck to improve the life of your fresh stain? The answer is no. Why? Because even if you shovel the snow off of your deck, there will [...]

Reasons to think twice before switching to a solid stain on your deck

Before we start... Clear stain: Basically just wood protector. When it dries most people don’t even know it’s there. Do not use this kind of stain except in special circumstances, you’re wasting your money. Semi-transparent [...]

If I use an oil-based paint/stain, is my brush ruined?

We get this question a lot from customers working on their own little DIY projects. No your brush is not ruined, as long as you buy some paint thinner and spend the time to completely [...]

How to properly prepare wooden decks for staining

Decks in Michigan have it rough. They’re beaten to death by the sun for 4 months out of every year, experience freezing rain in the fall and spring, and then have to endure the snow [...]

Are critters living in your walls? Then you’re losing money!

We’ve been hired to repair a lot of damaged siding over the years, where a family of where a critter of one kind or another had chewed a hole, (usually many holes) in the siding. [...]

Before replacing wooden floorboards with composite, consider this…

The number one reason why most of our customers who ask us to replace their deck’s floorboards with composite boards who can’t is…Composite boards are extremely thin (most brands), and have a lot of flexibility [...]