What services do you offer?

  • Exterior staining for cedar and log homes including semi-transparent finishes.
  • Exterior painting for any home exterior siding.
  • Any carpentry work for home exteriors including siding replacement and new construction.
  • Deck repair and staining including replacement of rotten floorboards.
  • Interior painting excluding cabinets.

Will you help us choose a new color for our home?

Yes! Choosing a new color for a home can be a daunting task, but we have years of experience in helping homeowners pick the color that’s right for them. Not only will we help you choose a color for your home, but we include up to three free sample quarts with every siding project and paint it directly onto your siding so you can see how it will actually look on your siding. After your three quarts, it’s just $10 per quart after that. We will help you start choosing colors well before the date we propose to start work on your home so that you don’t feel rushed.

Is it better to “brush and roll” the stain or paint onto my home or spray it?

While we do offer spraying services, we urge every homeowner to consider having us apply the paint and stain onto your home using the brush and roll method. This method allows us to push the product into the substrate of your home’s exterior much better than the capabilities of a sprayer. This allows for a much more durable finish. Typically, spraying is best suited for interior painting.

We have heard that spraying is fine as long as the person using the sprayer also performs “back brushing” after applying the stain or paint with a sprayer?

The issue with this method is that modern-day paints and stains are designed to dry very quickly, and do so even faster in warmer temperatures. There simply isn’t enough time to switch to a brush before the product begins to set. We have seen many companies using a brush on paints and stains that have already dried, simply to fulfill their contract. Some companies say that they will back brush but never make the attempt.

Do we want paint or stain for our home’s exterior?

This is when you have the benefit of Stain Tech’s knowledge, because we’re a staining company first and a painting company second. Most painters do not know that you can actually apply solid opaque stain on top of paint. And because stain is more durable than paint, you will have a greater amount of time between coatings.

How have you decided which products to use for our home?

We have hand-picked all products used in our processes from years of experience and testing. We will not use a product simply because the supplier was offering us a discount on that product. Our products come from multiple vendors.

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