Reference Letters

I have been extremely pleased with the work Stain Tech has done in re-staining my house and deck. They have been true professionals in all stages, from the initial quote to the final touch-ups they have been efficient and non-obstructive. In addition they have been very good about relaying how things have progressed in this very difficult weather. I can highly recommend Stain Tech for all of their external staining services!!! -Bruce Rowe

It is my pleasure to recommend Stain Tech, who did an outstanding job of staining our entire house and three decks this summer. Brady coordinated everything to fit around our hectic schedule and managed to exceed our high expectations in every way. He was consistently sensitive to the fact that we have delicate landscaping around the house, children, and pets. Furthermore, he made sure that all their work materials were tidied up and left in a pleasant way each and every evening when they were finished… -Rock Heller

Stain Tech stained my home’s wooden deck and outdoor stairway. In addition to painting the structure, he also power washed and replaced the broken floorboards. Stain Tech and the team worked efficiently and effectively, replacing the boards well, and matched them perfectly. The Stain Tech team worked hard to meet their deadline we had set, and managed the project site as not to leave the rest of the house inoperable during their stay. The final product has a quality appearance. -Brij Dewan

I am pleased to recommend Stain Tech who did an outstanding and beautiful job in removing, replacing, and staining the surface of a very large deck attached to our home. They coordinated all the work and he had a very professional staff working on the project. They started the project on time and in spite of the excessive rain we experienced this summer, they completed the work on a very timely basis. Stain Tech was very good at selecting quality materials and has a good eye for detail. I would highly recommend Stain Tech for projects that require carpentry and staining. -Don Klein

We hired Brady Soule and his Stain Tech team to stain our house this past spring. We are thrilled with the results! Stain Tech worked closely with us to ensure we were completely satisfied with our color choices, offering advice and well-thought-out recommendations as we auditioned different options. He paid careful attention to paint coverage and gave us honest assessments of areas that concerned him so that we could make informed choices. In addition, we had a few areas where woodpeckers had damaged our siding. When they was unable to find the same siding we currently have, he went the extra mile and created siding so that we’d have an exact match. He and his team did a careful, thorough job painting, worked unobtrusively, and treated my two curious toddlers with patience and kindness, even at the end of a long, hot work day. Finally, the Stain Tech team followed up with us after the job was complete, making sure that we were completely satisfied, and returning another time to add another coat of paint to the inside of our door frame. We appreciated this follow-up, as it yet again demonstrated their attention to detail and commitment to making an extremely satisfied customer. -Lisa Ruble

My wife and I would like to recommend Brady Soule and Stain Tech for the work performed on our home this summer. Brady and his painters were always extremely friendly and willing to address our many concerns for the elaborate landscaping in the rear of our property, as well as the strict timetable we set so the project would be completed before our grandchildren came to visit.

Despite the fact that he and his crew were forced to work longer hours in order to finish in the short time we gave him and his crew to complete the staining on our home and deck, they did not disappoint. After close inspection of my home and deck I can see that they did not cut any corners and did everything that they promised that they would do. They also replaced several pieces of cracked siding on my home, which made our home look a lot newer than if we had someone else simply apply stain over the old siding.

We are not easy people to impress, but we heartily recommend hiring Stain Tech for your home’s needs. We will surely use them for all of our future needs. -Salim Harik

I highly recommend Brady Soule and the Stain Tech crew. They were courteous, professional and detail-oriented in completing our painting projects. Mr. Soule worked very hard to make certain our deck looked exactly as we wanted. -Laura Rahfeldt-Thomas

If you are looking for work on a deck this summer, I would highly recommend Brady Soule and Stain Tech. He was honest and gave suggestions to accommodate what we were looking for within our budget. His work was high quality, using the best products available, and he made sure I was happy with the entire project. I appreciated his professionalism and quality of work and am super pleased with how our deck turned out. Thank you Stain Tech! -Katie Juday